Spartan Peroxy II fbc® Cleaner - Qt.

Spartan Peroxy II fbc® Cleaner - Qt.

Item # 5683

  • A proprietary blend combining citric acid and hydrogen peroxide. Foaming bath and all-surface cleaner. Formulated for light to medium soil loads. pH 2.5.
  • Clings to soils increasing contact and penetrating time
  • Leaves surfaces cleaner, brighter and film free
Qt., 12/cs
Manufacturers Item #3535

Effectively removes soap scum, light rust, mineral deposits, and cuts through greasy soils on contact.


  • The effervescent cleaning action of hydrogen peroxide blends with citric acid to whiten and brighten dirty surfaces.
  • This unique combination of hydrogen peroxide and natural citric acid is an effective cleaning solution and acts as a superior odor control agent.
  • Hydrogen peroxide, when used as an oxidizer, controls odors by oxidizing sulfur and ammonia containing compounds, thus breaking them down and neutralizing the unpleasant odors, while the fresh Caribbean fragrance freshens the area leaving a just cleaned a
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